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Dental Practice Clinic

With proper administration, a dental practice can be extremely profitable. However, running one is resource-intensive.

This is especially true if the business has to adhere to quality standards, uses high-tech equipment and is consistently looking to improve the customer experience for their clients. This translates to higher overhead costs and a need to generate consistent payroll to keep high valued staff members happy.

Dental clinics funded in 1 day
Dentist loans

Stellar solutions for dental clinics​

From time to time, dental practices may need funding from a third party in order to keep the business afloat or to stay competitive by retaining the best dentists, dental assistants and other staff members. The combination of satisfied specialized staff, up to date dental equipment and the ideal atmosphere is what will make your dental practice flourish.

fundu offers customized financial services for dental firms, rather than using the standard “one-size-fits-all” approach that is common with our competitors.

Our business-friendly financial services tailored to the needs of each dental practice have resulted in increasing successes for many of them.

What can you use the funds for

There are many financial complexities in the day to day running of a dental practice firm. No financial company understands this better than Funding Buddy, as we have dealt with a significant number of successful dental firms in the past.

Here is a list of goals, that we can help you to achieve:

  • Hiring more specialized clinicians

  • Investing in high-tech dental equipment

  • Expansion of the dental practice

  • Refurbishing your business premises

No income dentist loans
Dental practice funding

Why choose fundu for dental practice funding

fundu has experience in financing different types of dental firms in the past, all of which ended up being successful.

When you approach us for financial services, we will ensure that what you end up with is especially suited for your business needs, which dramatically increases the chances of your dental firm succeeding. Our terms and conditions are the most competitive in the market, and we also have one of the simplest application processes in the industry.

Add this to our low interest rates and customized repayment schedule, and it is easy to see why doing business with us is going to be enjoyable. At fundu, we solely focus on making sure that your dental business flourishes, and all our business practices are geared towards this.

How does it work?


Fill out the 90 second funding application via the link below


Our team of experienced funding specialists will reach out to you within 24 business hours! 


Once approved, you typically receive funds on the same day

Get funding offers
There is no obligations for trying and it never affects your credit score

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